Mystery Diner

Our comprehensive Mystery Diner Programs has been designed by some of the industry’s top-performing hospitality professionals. We can improve your establishment’s performance with our carefully screened evaluators and our years of experience as hands-on service industry leaders. 

Restaurant Recruits’ Mystery Diner Program  provides you with a detailed report, narrative of the experience, and specific areas where you can improve. Restaurant Recruits actionable data will allow you to improve your operation and profitability. Trust Restaurant Recruits’ Mystery Guest to be there when you cannot. In fact, our diners can be on-site in as little as two-hour notice (extra fee applies)

How Our Mystery Guest Program Works:

  • Restaurant Recruits design a custom report based upon your concepts desired areas of interest.
  • Our clients determine the allotted amount our diners may spend.
  • Our clients then choose meal periods, targeted staff(i.e. bartenders, hosts, ect.), and predetermine menu if requested.
  • Our carefully screened and trained evaluators will then visit your establishment and will blend in perfectly.
  • With our easy to use App, our Mystery Diner Program measures performance based on our client’s determined criteria.
  • Clients receive the report immediately of any and all issues can be addressed in real time.


  • No set-up fee
  • $50 each Mystery Diner(4 Mystery Diner experiences within 30 days)
  • $100 for a one time Mystery Diner
  • Fee does not include cost of meal.
  • For Mystery Diners requested within 24 hours of visit an additional $50 will apply.